Terms & Conditions

This limited time offer is available only in Apple Retail Stores in Singapore from 15 July 2022 until 14 August 2022 ("Offer Period"). Qualified Purchasers will receive an Apple Store Gift Card worth S$40 at no extra cost upon an Apple Retail Store employee's validation of Qualified Purchaser's successful enrollment in LumiHealth.

"Qualified Purchasers" are customers who purchase an Apple Watch during the Offer Period and pick up such Apple Watch at an Apple Retail Store in Singapore and who enrolled in LumiHealth successfully using their own SingPass account by the time of validation. Successful enrollment is determined by an Apple Retail Store employee and occurs when, upon receipt of Qualified Purchaser's Apple Watch, Qualified Purchaser launches the LumiHealth app showing such Apple Retail Store employee that the Qualified Purchaser is on 'Chapter 1' of the LumiHealth app. Receipt of the Apple Watch from Apple Retail Store employee and validation must occur at approximately the same time.

The Apple Store Gift Card must be returned to Apple should you wish to return the Apple Watch, and any used value of the Apple Store Gift Card will be deducted from the refund. Apple Store Gift Card terms and conditions apply. Apple reserves the full right to change the Offer Period and/or the terms of the offer, or otherwise terminate the offer without notice at any time and/or deny disbursement of the Apple Store Gift Card offer to a customer without any reason given.