LumiHealth is a partnership on a health initiative between the government of Singapore and Apple. It is designed by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) in conjunction with Apple as part of the country’s Smart Nation initiative.

    LumiHealth is a free, two-year, personalised health programme to encourage the adoption of healthy habits through personalised reminders, programmes, activity coaching, and incentives using the Apple Watch.

    Singapore residents with a SingPass account and aged 17 years or older are eligible to participate in LumiHealth. Participants will use their Apple Watch and the LumiHealth app on iPhone to participate in the programme.

    By completing challenges and surveys, participants can earn rewards of up to $380 in HPB eVouchers over the two-year programme duration.

    If you choose to participate in LumiHealth, you will not be able to participate in National Steps Challenge™ and vice versa. 

    Enrolment in LumiHealth may be capped, and new users may be placed on a waiting list. They’ll be notified by email when spots open up.

    Participants will need an iPhone running iOS 14 or later and Apple Watch running watchOS 6 or later in order to use the LumiHealth app and participate in the programme.


    When it comes to how much we move, what we eat, the quality of our sleep, and our mental wellbeing, even small changes can have a lasting impact on our health. 

    The LumiHealth app, designed with user privacy and security at its core, is created in collaboration with a team of physicians and public health experts. 

    With LumiHealth, you’ll have fun trying new things that can lead to a healthier lifestyle. We'll help you find the changes that work for you — and help you to keep doing them.

    Plus, you'll be reminded to go for recommended health screening and vaccinations to help you stay on top of managing your health. And you can earn up to $380 in HPB eVouchers over two years while doing it.


    The programme will last for two years from when you receive your first activity goal after your successful enrolment into the programme. 

    By the end of the two years, we hope you would have formed new healthy behaviours and found some new skills that work for you as you continue on your health journey. After that, you can continue to enjoy all the features of your Apple Watch to help you stay active. 

    You can redeem rewards during the course of the programme. And as you approach the end of the programme, we'll let you know the deadlines for redeeming any remaining rewards. 


    To create a more personalised programme and experience, you'll be asked to share different kinds of data and information. This will include information you will enter in the LumiHealth app, data from your iPhone and Apple Watch, and some MyInfo data. 

    All of your health data is encrypted on your device, in transit, and on our servers, where it will be stored in a highly secured environment.

    You can read more about the data collected in your Programme Participation Agreement. You can also review data you have agreed to share in Settings in the LumiHealth App.


    We take your privacy seriously and have put in place privacy and security measures to protect your data.

    Evidation Health, the programme operations partner, will receive the data. Direct identifiers, such as your name and email address, will be removed and a code that is random and unique to you will be connected to your data. Then, the coded data will be shared with Health Promotion Board (HPB). 

    Apple will receive aggregated information about the programme.

    In addition, you may choose to share your coded data with Apple so that Apple can help design more customised experiences and actions that are more tailored for you. Sharing your coded data with Apple is voluntary and not required to participate.

    Both HPB and Apple may also share your data and coded data with third parties that provide services for the LumiHealth programme. 

    If you contact LumiHealth Support because you are experiencing a technical issue related to your Apple Watch or iPhone, LumiHealth Support may ask you if you want to be transferred to AppleCare for additional support. If you consent, you will be transferred to help address your technical question(s) and Apple may have access to certain information that directly identifies you. Information received by AppleCare is stored separately from your other data received by Apple as part of the LumiHealth programme. 

    You can find more details about the use and sharing of your data in the Privacy Policy and Programme Participation Agreement.


    By participating in activity challenges, wellness challenges, Just for You actions, and Answer This surveys, participants can earn up to $380 over two years in the form of HPB eVouchers.

    If you'd like to withdraw from LumiHealth, we'll stop collecting all data within 24 hours. Any data already collected will remain as part of the programme. Do note that once you withdraw from LumiHealth programme, you can't sign up for it again. Be sure to redeem your coins and use your HPB eVouchers before you withdraw, if applicable. You won't be able to do this after you withdraw.

    To participate in the programme, you'll need your SingPass login, an iPhone running iOS 14 or later, and an Apple Watch running watchOS 6 or later. LumiHealth works best with Apple Watch Series 3 and later. 

    You’ll need to first download the LumiHealth app from the App Store on your iPhone and complete the enrolment process, which requires your SingPass login. 

    Once your Apple Watch is paired with your iPhone, be sure to share your Apple Health data with LumiHealth. Then you’ll be able to use all the features of the LumiHealth app and start participating in activity challenges, wellness challenges, and Just for You actions. 

    Your first wellness challenge and Just for You actions will show you how the app works, how to earn points, and ways in which you’ll use your Apple Watch with the programme.

    Don’t have an Apple Watch? See ‘Why do I need an Apple Watch’ for details.

    See also ‘What are wellness challenges? Why are they important?’ and ‘What are Just for You actions? What types of Just for You actions can I expect?


    When you signed up for LumiHealth, you logged in with SingPass and agreed to provide access to some elements of your MyInfo profile to the LumiHealth app.  This information helps LumiHealth personalise your activity goals and other content.

    The data is shared automatically. To edit your MyInfo data, go to SingPass.gov.sg.


    Both programmes offer incentives through activity tracking using a fitness tracker. Rewards are awarded for healthy actions taken for physical activity. Therefore, you'll only be eligible to earn rewards from one programme. As such, you may only take part in either LumiHealth or National Steps Challenge™. 

    Should you withdraw from one to join the other programme, rewards earned in the LumiHealth app cannot be combined with rewards earned in the Healthy 365 mobile app and vice versa. 


    No. All participants are required to have their own LumiHealth account and their own Apple Watch paired to their iPhone.

    No. LumiHealth works only with Apple Watch. The programme is designed to take advantage of Apple Watch health features to provide a personalised experience.

    LumiHealth uses technology and behavioural insights to encourage participants to keep healthy and complete activity and wellness challenges through their Apple Watch and iPhone.

    Using the LumiHealth app and your Apple Watch, you can earn rewards for completing challenges — like experimenting with your workout routine, practising mindfulness, or improving your sleep habits.

    Apple Watch will also track how much you move, stand, and exercise each day. Based on this information, you'll receive a personalised activity goal every week as part of your activity challenge. In addition, the Breathe app on your Apple Watch helps you to relax and focus on your breathing; this feature will be used in some challenges too. 

    Visit www.apple.com/sg/watch for details about other Apple Watch features.
    Learn how to buy a watch ›
    Learn how to set up your new Apple Watch with your iPhone


    You may visit www.apple.com/sg/watch, any Apple Retail Store, an Apple Premium Reseller, or an Apple Authorised Reseller if you wish to purchase an Apple Watch.

    You can use your own Apple Watch as long as it runs watchOS 6 or later. LumiHealth works best with Apple Watch Series 3 or later. Just follow the enrolment process in the LumiHealth app.

    Try to wear your Apple Watch every day, snug on your wrist, for the duration of the two-year programme. Wearing it from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed gives you the best opportunity to earn points.

    Getting a new Apple Watch or iPhone will not affect your points or participation in LumiHealth. Set up the devices as you normally would, and make sure the LumiHealth app is installed on your iPhone and your Apple Watch is paired with your iPhone. 

    You may need to sign into your LumiHealth account again on your iPhone, and you may need to make sure your notifications and data-sharing permissions are turned on.

    Each time you participate in challenges and perform actions in LumiHealth, you'll earn points called LumiPoints. 

    Here are some details:

    Earn 100 points for closing any of your Activity rings on your Apple Watch.
    Earn 8,000 points when you complete your activity challenge for the week.
    Earn up to 2,500 points for completing wellness challenges and Just for You experiences.
    Earn 100 points whenever you do a single action in a wellness challenge or Just for You experience.
    Earn a range of points when you complete an Answer This survey

    In LumiHealth, you travel through worlds with Lu, an intergalactic explorer, completing activity goals and wellness challenges to earn LumiPoints. The LumiPoints you earn will help Lu move forward on his journey. Think of points as a tally of your progress in each chapter of Lu’s adventure.

    You can see how many points you’ve earned for the chapter at the top of the map. These points reset with each new chapter, but you can tap your points total to see your points history.


    LumiPoints help Lu move forward through each chapter of the game. When Lu reaches certain milestones, he rewards you with coins, which can then be redeemed for HPB eVouchers. 

    Every 300 coins equals $1. You can earn up to $380 worth of HPB eVouchers over two years by participating in LumiHealth and helping Lu move forward on his adventure.


    You can redeem your coins for HPB eVouchers right within the app as soon as you reach a minimum balance of 1,500 coins, or $5. 

    You can redeem up to five HPB eVouchers in a single transaction.

    After you redeem the coins, your balance will need to reach the minimum coins required again before you can redeem more.

    Any unused coins will expire at the end of the two-year programme.


    HPB eVouchers are electronic vouchers issued in Singapore currency, available in denominations of $5 and $10. HPB eVouchers are non-transferrable, and can’t be exchanged for cash, wholly or partly for cash, coins, points and/or any other rewards. You can use your HPB eVouchers at merchants across Singapore.

    See all participating merchants ›

    You can only use an HPB eVoucher once in single transaction. Any unused amount from the HPB eVoucher will be forfeited. 

    For larger purchases, you can use multiple HPB eVouchers in a single transaction. 

    Screenshots of HPB eVouchers will not be accepted. 

    Do not activate your HPB eVoucher until you are in front of the cashier. Once the HPB eVoucher is activated at the merchant, you'll have 120 seconds to have it scanned.

    For full details pertaining to the use and redemption of HPB eVouchers, read the LumiHealth Terms of Use


    Yes, HPB eVouchers will expire at 11:59 pm of the expiry date indicated on each HPB eVoucher.

    No, you cannot redeem your HPB eVoucher nor request a replacement once it has expired.

    No, HPB eVouchers that have been activated, accidentally or otherwise, will not be refunded. Please present your HPB eVoucher only when the cashier is attending to you.

    No, you will not be able to get a refund once you have presented the HPB eVoucher to the cashier.

    Yes, HPB eVouchers can’t be used for the purchase of gift vouchers, lottery, cigarettes, alcoholic items, or pre-paid cards.

    A pop-up confirmation message will be displayed upon successful redemption within the LumiHealth app. The redemption transaction will appear under the “Used” tab in your LumiHealth wallet. 

    No, HPB eVouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.

    If the value of the HPB eVoucher does not cover the full cost of the goods or services purchased, you have to pay the balance through whatever payment method is acceptable by the merchant.

    No, HPB eVouchers are non-transferrable.

    HPB eVouchers can be accepted at participating merchant outlets and shopping malls. To exchange HPB eVouchers for printed mall vouchers in denominations of $5 and $10, please approach the respective malls’ Customer Service Counters or Concierge. For a list of participating merchant outlets and shopping malls, please refer to lumihealth.sg/merchants.

    Mall vouchers can only be redeemed using HPB eVouchers in $5 and $10 denominations. Using cash to make up the difference may be allowed, subject to the Terms & Conditions of the respective malls.


    You will need to redeem your coins and/or use your HPB eVouchers at the participating merchants before you withdraw. You won’t be able to do this after you withdraw.

    The Activity rings on your Apple Watch show your daily movement as three simple metrics:

    The Move ring shows you how many active calories you've burned.
    The Exercise ring shows you how many minutes of brisk activity you’ve completed.
    The Stand ring shows you the hours throughout the day in which you’ve stood and moved around for at least one minute.

    LumiHealth will use your Activity rings to set you a personalised activity goal each week as part of your activity challenge.

    Visit apple.com to learn more about Activity rings ›


    Your activity challenge is personalised based on two things:

    The information you provided when you signed up for the programme about your height, weight, gender, and other demographic information
    Your activity measured by your Apple Watch 

    Every Monday, we'll challenge you to close all three Activity rings a certain number of times during the week. 

    When you reach your goal, you’ll get 8,000 points. Plus, you get 100 points any time you close an individual Activity ring.

    Your weekly activity goal may gradually increase or decrease based on how active you are. For example, you may be required to close your Activity rings two days in the first week, and three days in the next week. 

    Your Move goal in LumiHealth may also change based on how many active calories you burn.

    Remember: You must track your activity with your Apple Watch in order to receive points.

    Wellness challenges help you experiment with small changes that can improve your health. 

    Each challenge invites you to perform a healthy action a certain number of times over 7 days. 

    You win a challenge when you complete all the actions, and you get points along the way for each action.

    You don’t have to disrupt everything you do to live healthier. With this in mind, wellness challenges are designed to be easy to incorporate into your life. 

    And when you have success with a challenge, the small win can motivate you to try more healthy changes.


    Healthy behaviours associated with physical activity, nutrition, sleep, and mental wellbeing can prevent and help manage chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. 

    You’ll see wellness challenges around all of these topics.

    To ensure you’re seeing relevant information, challenges are served to you based on your health goals and the interests you shared with the programme when you first signed up. 

    This means what you see will likely be different from what your friends see.


    The content in LumiHealth has been developed in collaboration with the Health Promotion Board. However, the content is intended only as an information resource, not as a substitute or replacement for medical consultation and management. You're encouraged to consult your doctor for professional medical advice on any medical concern or specific healthcare needs.  

    There are two main ways you’ll log your activity in LumiHealth. 

    For challenges using Apple Watch features — like completing a workout using the Workout app or relaxing with the Breathe app — the activity you log on your Apple Watch will be shared with LumiHealth, and your points will be awarded automatically. 

    For other challenges, you'll manually log your actions each time in the app. For these challenges, you can earn points only once per day no matter how many times you log your actions.


    As the name suggests, Just for You actions are personalised to you based on information you’ve chosen to share with LumiHealth.

    Just for You actions include reminders to go for recommended health screening and immunisations, activity coaching, and health advice for your demographic. They may be in the form of articles, quizzes, videos, and surveys.


    Yes! Whenever it’s time for a new wellness challenge, you’ll be presented with three options. Just swipe through your options and choose the one you want to accept.

    You can only accept one challenge at a time. But if you pass up a challenge you want to try later, no sweat. It’ll appear again as an option sometime down the road during your LumiHealth journey. 

    Answer This surveys appear periodically in the LumiHealth app, offering you points for answering some quick questions. We might ask about your health, your experience with LumiHealth, and other topics.

    Once you complete the survey, the points will appear in your account automatically. 

    LumiHealth participants can earn LumiPoints by referring friends using a personalised referral link. When those friends sign up for LumiHealth using that referral link, they’ll also earn LumiPoints.

    Participating in this referral programme does not increase the total rewards you can earn in the LumiHealth programme of up to $380 in HPB eVouchers over two years. 

    To offer and help improve this referral programme, we may collect certain data related to your participation. For people referring a friend, this may include details about your usage and interactions with the referral feature in the LumiHealth app and website, such as each time a referral link is shared from the app. For people who receive a referral link, we collect the total number of times phone numbers are entered on the referral website, and count the number of new LumiHealth users who sign up using a referral link. 

    HPB and Apple will not receive any directly identifiable information about you, but our third party service provider, Evidation Health, will. HPB and Apple will receive data and information about this referral program to understand how it is working, including the analytics described above.

    Personal Information and Programme Data submitted or collected in connection with the LumiHealth Referral Programme will be treated in accordance with the LumiHealth Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and, if you join LumiHealth, your Programme Consent Form. By participating in this referral programme, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these terms. 

    See below for more details about participating in the referral programme. 

    You can share your personal referral link with friends by tapping the gift box icon in the LumiHealth app. You’ll also see there how many LumiPoints you can earn for each friend who successfully signs up using your referral link. 

    Each time a friend signs up using your referral link, you’ll receive a notification from the LumiHealth app. The LumiPoints you earn will be added to your account automatically.

    Standard messaging/data rates may apply. 

    If you’re invited to join LumiHealth, follow the referral link provided by the current LumiHealth participant to sign up. You must be aged 17 or older and have a SingPass account with a valid Singapore phone number. You must also have an iPhone running iOS 14 or later and an Apple Watch running watchOS 6 or later.

    Make sure that the mobile number you provide on the referral page matches the number in your SingPass MyInfo account that you’ll use to sign up for LumiHealth. Note that your phone number will be stored by a third party service provider, Evidation Health, and deleted after 30 days.

    After signing up for LumiHealth, your bonus LumiPoints will be automatically added to your account. These points will move you closer to earning your first HPB eVoucher.

    To earn your bonus LumiPoints, you must sign up within 30 days of entering your mobile number on the referral page.

    If you invite a friend to join LumiHealth, they should follow the referral link provided by the current LumiHealth participant to sign up. They must be aged 17 or older and have a SingPass account with a valid Singapore phone number. They must also have an iPhone running iOS 14 or later and an Apple Watch running watchOS 6 or later.

    They should make sure that the mobile number they provide on the referral page matches the number in their SingPass MyInfo account that they’ll use to sign up for LumiHealth. Note that their phone number will be stored by a third party service provider, Evidation Health, and deleted after 30 days.

    After signing up for LumiHealth, their bonus LumiPoints will be automatically added to their account. These points will move them closer to earning your first HPB eVoucher. 

    To earn your bonus LumiPoints, they must sign up within 30 days of entering your mobile number on the referral page.

    In order to receive bonus LumiPoints when signing up for LumiHealth, the phone number associated with your SingPass MyInfo account must match the phone number that you entered on the referral website shared by your friend. Please also ensure that you have completed your enrollment in LumiHealth within 30 days of entering your phone number on the referral website.

    To confirm whether you received bonus LumiPoints for signing up with a referral, check your points history by tapping the top of the map in the LumiHealth App. You should see an entry that says “You’ve earned bonus points!"

    If you did not receive bonus LumiPoints for signing up with a referral, or if you signed up with a different phone number than you used on the referral website, please contact LumiHealth Support at 1800 222 5555.